Högskolepedagogik 2 vid IT-fakulteten (PIL102)

(Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2: Subject Field Pedagogy at the IT Faculty)

This course is taught to individual participants. The participant can start the course at any time. The course meetings are going to be coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

This course is usually held in English. However, it can be held in Swedish if the participant so wishes.

Please note: This course is only offered to staff, to doctoral students and to applicants for docentship at the University of Gothenburg. It is aimed at people at the IT Faculty. At present, the course is not open for people at other faculties.

Course leader: Annika Bergviken Rensfeldt

Scope: The course comprises the equivalent of 3.5 weeks of full-time studies.

Syllabus PIL102 (pdf)

Reading list: The reading list is included in the course PM (pdf).

Course of studies

We recommend you to take PIL101 before PIL102. To get admittance to PIL103, you must have passed both PIL101 (or HPE101) and PIL102 (or HPE102), or have qualifications assessed as equal by a faculty at the University of Gothenburg.

How to apply

Apply for the course by sending an email to Annika Bergviken Rensfeldt: annika.bergviken-rensfeldt@ait.gu.se


The course focuses on the development of courses and the ability to plan, conduct, and reflect on teaching within the subjects relevant at the IT faculty. For this purpose, course participants will conduct a collaborative peer assessment of another course given at the faculty: the participant as the reviewer and the course coordinator as well as the other involved staff of the course being assessed will collaborate with each other to foster reflection and discussion about teaching practices. The peer assessment will include subject-specific considerations and will result in constructive feedback for the reviewed teacher as well as a reflection report that discusses the impact of the review on the participant's own teaching practice.

PIL102 at the IT faculty will be taught in an individual fashion. With support from the course coordinator, the participant will conduct a peer assessment of a course taught at the IT faculty. For this purpose, the participant will create a peer assessment plan and then conduct the assessment and analyse the results. This data will be analysed in the context of subject-specific literature that the participant will search and review. The findings will be the subject of a report that is shared with the teacher of the assessed course and discussed in a meeting. The report and the meeting are the basis for examination.

Read more in the course PM:

Course PM (pdf)


You must be an employee or doctoral candidate at University of Gothenburg and have a Degree of Bachelor or equivalent. 

About course certificates

PIL102 is a certification course. All course meetings and assignments are mandatory and require attendance. In some cases, it will be possible to submit a supplementary assignment that corresponds to the meeting or assignment missed. To be approved for a certificate, you must also achieve the learning objectives in the course syllabus.

PIL102 was introduced on January 1, 2021 as a replacement for the credit course HPE102, which was then phased out. The content and basic structure of PIL102 are the same as for HPE102, and the course gives the same eligibility.

Information for doctoral students

Have you taken PIL102 as a compulsory course in your doctoral studies? When you have received your certificate of a completed and approved course, you should hand the certificate to the person who is the administrator (or equivalent) for your doctoral studies. That person registers the course as approved in Ladok for doctoral studies.

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