These web pages serve as a resource for those writing course syllabuses. The material provided includes general advice and suggestions as well as information about important rules and guidelines for course syllabuses that can be found in both local regulations and the Higher Education Ordinance.


After March 15, Gubas and Convertus can no longer be used to create new syllabuses; you can only use them to view existing syllabuses and reading lists. On April 15, 2024, Gubas Kursplan will be replaced by the national system Ladok. Read more about the transition here (login required). This web resource will be updated in conjunction with the transition.

Grading scales

The Vice-Chancellor decides on the grading systems to apply within the University of Gothenburg following a recommendation by the respective faculty board. Heads of department decide which grading system is to apply to each course. The grading scale applied for the course is specified under ‘Grades’.

There are five grading systems at the University of Gothenburg:

  • UG: Fail (U), Pass (G)
  • UV: Fail (U), Pass (G), Pass with Distinction (VG)
  • UM: Fail (U), Pass (B), Passed with Credit (Ba), Passed with Distinction (AB)
  • TH: Fail (U), Pass (3), Pass with Credit (4), Pass with Distinction (5)
  • AF: Excellent (A), Very Good (B), Good (C), Satisfactory (D), Sufficient (E), Fail (F)

The grading scale in a course syllabus is designated using a scrolling list shown in Gubas Kursplan. One course may be made up of several modules, each with a different grading scale. However, only one grading scale always applies for the grade for an entire course. The grading scale may not be changed by a revision of an established course syllabus; a change in the grading scale means that a new course syllabus with a new course code must be established. Specify how different study performances in the course are combined to provide the overall grade for the course, where this is relevant.


When the grading scale for a course only includes the grades ‘Fail’ and ‘Pass’, pass grades are required in all modules to achieve a pass grade for the entire course. This does not need to be expressly stated in the course syllabus.


Specify what is required to achieve a Pass/Pass with Distinction grade for the entire course following examination. The following may be stated: “A Pass grade for the entire course requires at least a Pass grade for all modules. A Pass with Distinction grade for the entire course requires a Pass with Distinction for modules corresponding to at least XX of the course’s total credits, in addition to at least a Pass grade for other modules”. Alternatively, modules where a Pass with Distinction is required for a Pass with Distinction for the entire course may be named.

UM, TH and AF

Like the above grading scale, it must be clearly shown how the grades for the modules make up the grade for the entire course.