Three prerequisites for assessment | The PIL Unit

Three prerequisites for assessment

The University of Gothenburg decides that the following prerequisites apply in order to be able to designate an applicant as an Excellent Teacher:

  1. Subject-orientated foundation – the teacher has knowledge of the subject, professional knowledge or artistic competence for the educational assignment that is relevant, current and deep.
  2. Courses in teaching and learning in higher education – the teacher has completed the courses Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 1, 2 and 3 (PIL101, PIL102 and PIL103 or HPE101, HPE102 and HPE103). Alternatively, the teacher can be assessed for recognition of equivalent qualifications. The assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Vice-Chancellor. The decision regarding to which degree the assessed teacher's qualifications correspond to the courses in teaching and learning in higher education is made by the Dean or the Chairperson of the Teaching Staff Recruitment Board or equivalent.
  3. Research and/or artistic link – the teacher participates in scientific and/or artistic activities within the framework of the academic environment and the subject of the teachers pedagogical activities.

The head of department's certificate which is to be appended to the application must confirm that the above-mentioned three prerequisites have been satisfied before an expert review may be initiated.