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Are you employed as a teacher at the university? Then you may apply for the title of Excellent Teacher, based on assessment criteria shared across the university. Assessment will be based on documented evidence of your reflective practice as a teacher.

The title Excellent Teacher is taken into account in the university’s salary scales, and the head of department or equivalent is to consider this in conjunction with salary negotiations. Excellent Teachers can apply for funds for a pedagogical development project.

When to apply for the title

Each faculty decides when they accept applications for the title of Excellent Teacher. At Sahlgrenska Academy, the next application round takes place from 1 September to 30 November 2024. At the other faculties you can apply anytime.

How to apply for the title

Are you going to apply for the title? Please read our step-by-step instructions.

Application form:

Your faculty's address for applications can be found here:


Three prerequisites must be satisfied before an expert review may be initiated.

Write a teaching portfolio

The PIL unit has worked out guidelines how to set up and structure a teaching portfolio.

Appointment procedure and Criteria for assessment

An overview of the appointment procedure:

The expert review is based on assessment criteria shared across the university:


Pedagogical Academy

Information about the Pedagogical Academy will be published soon.