Knowledge about copyright laws is becoming more and more important for university teachers. How do I do if I want to use material whose copyright belongs to somebody else? And how do I share my own material?

Using other people's material

Information about the agreement with Bonus Copyright Access and the Creative Commons licensing system.
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Publishing your own material

Some things to consider before you publish your material – and a few tips on platforms for publishing.
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Open educational resources (OER)

Open educational resources online usually mean digital resources that can be freely used, processed and reused in various educational and teaching contexts.
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Find free images, films and sound clips

Are you looking for pictures, films or music that you can use freely in your digital educational material?
Find free images, films and sounds

Agreement with an external lecturer (example)

An agreement example that can be useful when a lecture by an external lecturer is filmed with the purpose of being used in education.
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Legal counselling

For legal counselling, please contact university lawyer Sara Dahlberg.

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