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Pedagogical Ideas Programme

The Pedagogical Ideas Programme document is intended for everyone working and studying at the University of Gothenburg. The Programme formulates a university-wide pedagogical approach, provides a background and research context for ideas relating to student-centred learning and the significance of the learning environment, and also provides support for our pedagogical development work.

The purpose of the Programme is to provide guidance for implementing the steering document Policy for the Development of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Ref. GU 2022/3379). The Policy for the Development of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education points the way forward and formulates expectations and target goals for pedagogical development. In these respects it is binding, though the policy cannot, by definition, govern in detail how each individual activity is to support our endeavours to move in the appropriate direction, attempt to fulfil our defined expectations and achieve the target goals set.

Policy for the Development of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (revised in March 2023, pdf)

At a large and broad-based university, covering everything from artistic to medical courses and study programmes, pursuing activities in the form of study programmes and single-subject courses and accommodating both professional education and training and general courses and study programmes, account needs to be taken of the fact that the different kinds of course and study programme are pursued on the basis of their specific preconditions. Teaching, education and didactics necessarily assume different profiles depending on subject. This in its turn means that a pedagogical ideas programme to support compliance with the Policy needs to take account of diversity within educational activities at the university, while it should at the same time be possible for everyone to make use of the Programme.

A critical approach to the prevailing teaching practice is of great importance for a programme of change aimed at strengthening the opportunities for learning. It is crucial that everyone involved in education and teaching critically reflects on how they approach and treat people and also seeks to make their own positions and expectations of each other visible in order to create an equal and equivalent learning environment.  

Pedagogical Ideas Programme at the University of Gothenburg (pdf)