Recording a podcast

All teachers at the University of Gothenburg are welcome to use our podcast recording equipment, located in the PIL studio at Pedagogen. You can add your own sound effects and other pre-recorded materials.

The equipment is easy to use and the idea is to produce a recording that needs little or no post editing.

The equipment has four microphones. By participating remotely and/or by sharing the same microphone, it is possible to be more than four people.

One person takes the role of sound engineer, setting the microphone levels and handling any sound effects.

If you want to, you can look at the following videos before you come to the studio:

On site you get a short introduction and then you try out for yourself. The first time maybe only as a test, at least the first minutes.


The equipment is located in the PIL studio, Pedagogen, House A at Grönsakstorget. Do you want to make a reservation? Please send a request with some suggestions on possible times to

More information

More information and videos on the Rødecaster Pro equipment: