Texts on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

On this webpage, teachers and others can share their texts on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. The texts can be essays, articles, papers etc.

The ambition is that the texts will contribute to discussions on education and educational questions. Through these discussions, the ideas, thoughts and experiences expressed in the texts will hopefully spread across the University.

The texts may be published elsewhere. To be published on this page, the texts need to meet some basic demands. The writer is responsible for the contents.

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The texts below are published in English. There are also texts that are only published in Swedish; these are available on the Swedish version of this webpage.








Do you wish to be published?

The PIL Unit offers opportunities to publish texts on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. The opportunities are open for everybody at the University of Gothenburg.

The PIL Unit offers two channels for publishing: a broader publishing arena for different kinds of texts on teaching and learning in higher education, and a writing series.

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