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How to register PIL101 in Ladok

Once you have completed the mandatory and the elective modules, you can register PIL101 in Ladok.

In the spring term of 2023, the course PIL101 was re-made into modules. Once you have completed the necessary modules you can have PIL101 registered in Ladok, the system used to document participation in the courses and modules on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. These results are then transferred to Datalagret ("the Data Warehouse") where managers and other authorized personnel can access the data. Please note that it may take up to a month for your results to be visible in Ladok.

Once you have completed the mandatory and the elective modules, you can register PIL101 in Ladok. To do this you need to fill in this form:

In the application form you will have to provide links to your badges. (You are awarded a badge after each completed module). Below you will find instructions on how to find the links. You then paste these into the corresponding place in the form.

To get the links for your badges, go to Canvas Credentials:

Click on the button 'Göteborgs universitet' and log in using your x-account. Once you have logged in, click on the Share button next to the respective badge and copy the link.


If you have previously registered a private e-mail address or changed your e-mail address in Canvas or at the university, your badges may be assigned to two different e-mail addresses. This can make it difficult for you to get an overview of your badges. Follow the steps below to ensure you get an accurate summary of all your badges.

  1. Log in to Canvas Credentials:
  2. Open your profile settings and continue to Canvas Badges account settings.
  3. Select Add email and add additional addresses to which you may have received badges.
  4. If at this stage you get an error message you can try selecting Merge accounts.
  5. If, even when you select Merge accounts, you receive an error message, you can contact PIL and we will help you troubleshoot.

If you still have trouble logging in to Canvas Credentials or finding your badges, send an e-mail to