How to apply for the title of Excellent Teacher | The PIL Unit

How to apply for the title of Excellent Teacher

Teachers who are employees at the University of Gothenburg may apply for the title of Excellent Teacher. We recommend that applicants follow the steps below.

  1. Contact the head of the department, who needs to confirm that these three prerequisites have been satisfied: (a) Subject-orientated foundation; (b) Course or study programme in teaching and learning in higher education; and (c) Research and/or artistic link. Read more about the prerequisites. If the prerequisites have been satisfied, the head of department approves the application. Download the form Excellent lärare - prefektbeslut (pdf).
  2. Gather documentation for you teaching portfolio. Finish the portfolio according to the guidelines. Read more about how to write a teaching portfolio.
  3. Download the form Excellent teacher - application form (pdf) and fill it out. Submit the form to the faculty, together with the teaching portfolio and the certificate from the head of the department. Your faculty's address for applications can be found here

What happens next?

The application will be evaluated by an external pedagogical expert, using the assessment criteria. Then an interview with the applicant will be conducted. The experts written evaluation and the documentation from the interview form the basis when the dean makes a decision.