Course evaluation

These web pages serve as a resource for those writing course syllabuses. The material provided includes general advice and suggestions as well as information about important rules and guidelines for course syllabuses that can be found in both local regulations and the Higher Education Ordinance.


After March 15, Gubas and Convertus can no longer be used to create new syllabuses; you can only use them to view existing syllabuses and reading lists. On April 15, 2024, Gubas Kursplan will be replaced by the national system Ladok. Read more about the transition here (login required). This web resource will be updated in conjunction with the transition.

Purpose and feedback

The purpose of course evaluations is to improve our courses. Course evaluations also constitute a key component of student influence. Feedback to students is central for ensuring functioning course evaluations. An important part of feedback is compiling the results of the course evaluation. Rules for course syllabuses at first and second cycle levels (pdf) states: "Specify how the course is evaluated, and how the results of the course evaluation are communicated to students. The results and any changes in the course structure are to be communicated to the students who completed the evaluation and to students who are about to begin the course."