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The PIL studio

The PIL studio offers the university's teachers the opportunity to produce their own teaching material such as lectures, interviews, conversations etc. PIL staff with pedagogical and technical knowledge helps with the recording and editing, and provides advice. On request, we can also record outside the studio. The finished film is usually delivered via the university's video portal GU Play.

The studio is only intended for educational films. If you need some other kind of film, or if you want a film of professional quality, please contact the Media Technology unit.

For film recording of lectures in classrooms, we refer to Campusservice and existing recording technology in equipped classrooms.


The studio is equipped with three cameras, wireless and wired microphones and a few different backdrops. We also offer so-called green screen technique, making it possible to insert a background of your choice.

Book the studio

The studio is situated in Pedagogen, Hus A (at Grönsakstorget). To book the studio for film recording, please send an e-mail to

The studio is free to use for university staff.