AI-generated material in higher education

In higher education, the development within so-called generative AI (where ChatGPT is probably the most well-known) has been a source of concern and many considerations. On these pages, the concept of generative AI is introduced, explained, and illuminated from various perspectives.

In these pages, the term generative AI refers to tools that create new texts and other materials based on previous works they have been trained on. Knowledge about generative AI is important for developing an approach that, in the long run, can be the basis for well-considered and sustainable use.

Through the menu, you can find more information about different aspects of generative AI.

Use of generative AI at the University of Gothenburg

The first question many ask is whether it is permissible for employees to use services such as ChatGPT and whether licenses are available. Currently, the Microsoft Bing Chat/Copilot service (login required) is accessible for both employees and students. Access to other services is not currently offered at the University of Gothenburg.

There is also some complexity regarding the use of services not offered through the university since they have not been scrutinized from, for example, legal perspectives or in terms of security. Therefore, users of these services are advised to exercise caution. It is, for instance, very important not to share any personal data or sensitive information. This also applies to Microsoft Bing Chat/Copilot at present, even though it is offered through the university. Personal data includes all kinds of information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living person, such as names, images, and voice recordings. Sensitive information refers to, for example, information about ethnic origin, political opinions, and health.

Based on this, a possible stance could be that we should not use these services at all. However, we know that it is necessary to explore them to understand the opportunities and challenges they present, which educators in higher education need to consider, for example, when designing examinations. Since the use of generative AI in education at the University of Gothenburg is decided at the course, program, and/or department level, it may be necessary to explore, for example, Microsoft Bing Chat/Copilot.

Guidance from the Board of Education

The Board of Education has developed a guidance for teachers regarding the use of generative AI in education. This guidance defines generative AI, describes its relation to teaching and pedagogy, and its relationship to the University’s rules and regulations for first- and second-cycle examinations.

Guidance for teachers on using generative AI in education (pdf)

Swedish version:

Vägledning för lärare om generativ AI i utbildningen (pdf)

Guidance for students

The Board of Education has also developed guidance for students. It is based on the guidance for teachers (see above) and is available in the Student Portal.

Guidance for students on the use of generative AI in their studies

Swedish version:

Vägledning vid användning av generativ AI i studierna