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New Canvas module on Academic Honesty

The "Introduction to Academic Honesty" course module is now available on the online Canvas learning platform. It is a course designed for students, that focuses on writing with support from sources and providing guidance on honest approaches to student writing at the university.

The course is divided into two parts: Writing in an Academic Context and Writing with Support from Sources. Each part contains lessons and exercises that result in quizzes that summarise all the content learned. In order to pass the course, students will need to correctly complete both sections and their quizzes. When both quizzes are completed correctly, the course will be considered finished.

The purpose of the course is to help facilitate teaching students about academic honesty in order to preventatively discuss such topics as plagiarism and other issues that might be considered misleading or prohibited during examination work. In order to support this work, a teacher’s guide will soon be released that follows the content and structure of the course and provides suggestions on how to integrate the course material into teaching and instruction.

The module is available in a Swedish and an English version.

Starting in the fall semester 2024, Introduction to Academic Honesty will replace the Canvas modules Academic Integrity 1 and Academic Integrity 2. Until then, they will be available in parallel with the new module.

The Introduction to Academic Honesty module can be found in the Canvas Commons. Start by filtering content that is shared at the University of Gothenburg, then search for Introduction to Academic Honesty. For information on how to search and import content into the Canvas Commons, see How do I use Commons?.

Course Design Team:

  • Lisa Larsson (Project Leader), University Librarian in the Social Science Library Teaching Team
  • Christina El Saidi, Language Supervisor at the Unit for Academic Language (ASK)
  • Richard LaBontee, Language Supervisor at the Unit for Academic Language (ASK)
  • Janna Meyer-Beining, Pedagogical Developer at the Unit for Pedagogical Development and Interactive Teaching (PIL)
  • Frida Wåhlström Olausson, University Librarian in the Biomedicine Library Teaching Team


Do you have questions or comments about the Introduction to Academic Honesty module? Contact the Unit for Academic Language!