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Appointment procedure

An overview of the appointment procedure is described below:

  1. A teacher wish to apply for the academic title of 'Excellent Teacher'.
  2. The Head of Department, where the teacher is employed, shall initially approve that three prerequisites are fulfilled.
  3. The teacher collect the pedagogical merits in a teaching portfolio. This shall follow the guidelines for establishing a teaching portfolio at the University of Gothenburg.
  4. The teacher compiles the teaching portfolio and sends it to the faculty Teaching Staff Recruitment Board (or equivalent).
  5. The Teaching Staff Recruitment Board reviews the application. If approved, the application is sent to external pedagogical experts for review. This review is done with the seven university-wide criteria for assessment.
  6. The external pedagogical experts gives their feedback to the Teaching Staff Recruitment Board and states their opinion.
  7. The Teaching Staff Recruitment Board sets up an interview with the applicant.
  8. The Teaching Staff Recruitment Board compiles the experts reviews and the documentation from the interview.
  9. If the requirements are satisfied, the Dean decides to grant the applicant the title 'Excellent Teacher'.
  10. Teachers that are granted the title 'Excellent Teacher' are offered participation in the Pedagogical Academy at the University of Gothenburg. (More information about the Pedagogical Academy will follow soon.)

At Sahlgrenska Academy, the applications are handled by the Docentship Committee, not by the Teaching Staff Recruitment Board.

Rejected applications

The dean's decision cannot be appealed.

If an application is rejected, the applicant can submit a revised application. A short account of the differences between the new and the old application shall be attached to the new application.