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Nominate participants to Learning Lab – the learning environments of the future


Until May 17th, you have the opportunity to nominate educators who are interested in participating in testing the “learning environments of the future” at Learning Lab Gothenburg. Teachers can submit an application for themselves, but the participation must be endorsed by the department head or education director.

Learning Lab Gothenburg is an environment for exploring pedagogical opportunities and learning more about how interior design, light, sound, digital tools, and other environment-creating factors can affect learning and creativity. The PIL Unit now offers educators the opportunity to participate in a selected group of teachers who explore Learning Lab during the academic year 2024/25.

The aim of the group is for the participants to gain experience, knowledge, and competence in how rooms, pedagogy and technology can be used in teaching. This is done through regular meetings with the group and teaching classes at Learning Lab.

The teacher group is a part of the PIL Unit's efforts to examine how rooms, pedagogy and technology can be used to develop future learning environments and to promote interest in pedagogical development. Observing the group discussions, and the learning activities at Learning Lab, will provide the PIL Unit with valuable insights from the teacher's perspective.  

In the 2024/25 academic year, educators involved in the program will engage in collaborative sessions with the PIL Unit and Learning Lab team members. The purpose of these gatherings is for the teachers to:

1) familiarise themselves with the learning environment and reflect on the room’s potential to foster student-centred learning approaches and active teaching methods,

2) plan lessons using the space,

3) collectively evaluate the outcomes and insights gained from the educational experiences.

In between the collaborative sessions, participating teachers will teach one or more of their classes at the Learning lab.

Nominations and criteria

The PIL Unit will prioritise nominees who:

  • Participate with a colleague who teaches the same or a similar course.
  • Teaches a course whose number of students is suitable for teaching in the Learning Lab (10–70 students).
  • Can participate on the planned dates.

In the selection of participants, the PIL Unit will also prioritise a broad representation of subjects and teaching levels.

Educators can submit their own application to be part of the teacher group. However, their participation requires endorsement from the department head or education director.

Link to the application/nomination

Practical information

The meetings are full-day and will be held on 13 June, 19 August, and 18 November. Dates for meetings in the spring of 2025 will be decided together with the participants in the group. The PIL Unit provides lunch and coffee at the meetings.

Learning Lab Gothenburg is located at Sven Hultins Plats 5 in Johanneberg and is comprised of two unique rooms:

The Studio is a 180 square meter room with advanced digital technology for sound, light, and projections and with flexible furniture. There are high ceilings, lightly coloured walls, and wooden floors. It accommodates up to 60 participants during active activities and can be furnished as needed. There are, among other things, chairs, tables, seating cubes, rugs, whiteboards, and space-creating textiles.

The Flexroom is 120 square meters with a standard ceiling height and a black and orange colour scheme. The room can accommodate up to 36 participants. The room is a "Makerspace light" and is equipped with modern digital technology such as 3D printers and plotters as well as tools and craft materials. There are common writing areas, tables, and chairs, but it is also possible to use the unfurnished room for various types of group activities.

Neither the Studio nor Flexroom has a set direction, that is, there is no specifically specified spot for the teacher. Both rooms are equipped to show slideshows and projections. The rooms can be combined and used together during the same teaching session. 

Learning Lab is available for teachers at Gothenburg University on Mondays from 8am to 5pm. It may be possible to use the rooms during other weekdays.