Kursdeltagare på PIL-kurs
Photo: Olof Siverbo

Courses offered in English

The PIL Unit offers courses in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Supervision in Postgraduate Programmes. Some spring 2024 courses (including modules) are still open for applications. The autumn 2024 courses will open for applications on Wednesday 17 April.

Useful information

Do you belong to Sahlgrenska Academy?

Staff at Sahlgrenska (and the VG Region) must use a special application form for some courses. Sahlgrenska's application period for autumn 2024: 8 April – 5 May. More information: Admission procedures for Sahlgrenska

Fee for not using an allocated place

An allocated place on any of our courses is offered for free, on condition that it is used. Read more about the fee for not using an allocated place

Reading list

Reading lists for the PIL Unit's courses

Courses offered in Swedish